Sunday, September 5, 2010

A house that isn't mine

Our family is spending this weekend visiting family, and today I had a bit of a setback. My cousin is having a new house built, and nealy all of it is being paid for by her fiance's trust fund. It's huge and absolutely beautiful. I was fine on the little family tour until she opened her utility room door. She hugged her tall, sleek washer and dryer. There was a sink and countertop. Her utility room was the size of our kitchen - same number of cabinets, same number of draws, same count space.

My husband and I work so hard, and we barely scrape by. We come up short every month. They live off a trust fund. I cried when we left because I felt like a bad mom. I can't give M that. She'll have to grow up in our two-bedroom house with a air conditioner that breaks down in the summer.

Intellectually I know my cousin's beautiful home isn't related to my ability to be a mother. But I still feel like it's another reason I'm inadequate, another reason she'd be better off with someone else. I'm trying to let my head help my heart figure this out.

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