Thursday, September 9, 2010

A remedy for sad

For the past few days I've felt really down. This has translated into not spending as much time with M as I could, but I don't think my avoidance has been totally negative. I've done some cleaning and cooking and other little projects. But I can't seem to break out of this down feeling. I've been trying to remember my coping skills that I learned while I was in my out-patient treatment for six weeks. Some remedies:
  • Exercise.
  • Be around people who make me happy.
  • Do something to snap out of the negative mind rut.
All of those things are easier said than done. I think the simplest thing to do at work will be to do something to snap out of my negative mind rut. I'll listen to some fast-paced music on Pandora. Sometimes Britney Spears is good for something.

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