Thursday, September 9, 2010

Taking a time out

Therapy was difficult today. I talked about lots of heavy things, which is I guess what therapy should be, right? I talked about my discomfort around my stepdad over the weekend. I talked about how much guilt I feel about the burden my husband has to bear; he has to go through so much because of things that aren't his fault. I feel bad about trying to get a few seconds to myself to take care or chores or fix dinner. I came home feeling overwhelmed and sad. I cried. Then I decided it was OK to take a time out. My husband has soccer tonight, so M is going over to my mother-in-law's. I'll have a couple hours at home alone. There are mixed reviews of alone time for moms with postpartum depression. Some say it's good to lean on family for support. Others say you should spend plenty of time around other adults who are positive. I think I"ll lean on the side of alone time. I don't plan to wallow; I plan to work. Maybe it will be good to have time to myself to kind of sort out everything I talked about today in therapy.

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